By Christa Chantelois BSN, MAC and Heather Chantelois MA Our bodies are ingenious at ensuring our survival.  People who have lived through adversity and whose bodies have adapted are experts in crises and conflict.  In situations of immediate danger, they are most prepared to succeed.  However, the adaptations our bodies make […]

By Christa Chantelois BSN, MAC Fall is a time of letting go of what no longer serves our highest good.  However, the idea of letting go of something often is accompanied with thoughts of resistance and discomfort.  Thankfully, each of us is equipped with a built in structure of energetic […]

By Christa Chantelois BSN, MAC and Heather Chantelois The power of love versus the love of power!  Upon first glance, it seems that power has historically been experienced as power over – as strength that enables control or domination. While this view certainly finds evidence in many major historical turns and in […]

By Christa Chantelois BSN, MAC and Heather Chantelois What is your definition of healing?  A common assumption is that healing is a response to affliction and a need to be fixed.  In large part due to the many influences of society that distort our self-esteem and thoughts of worthiness, our […]