Sessions are individually-tailored and spirit-led. I believe that each of you has an innate wisdom that is your best compass. I meet you where you are and gently and encouragingly accompany you as you walk through past and present life challenges, such as: anxiety; depression; stress; emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual abuse; gender identity; sexual orientation; all forms of trauma – small and large; life transitions and vision.

In all the work we do together, I am here for you as a guide. You have the wisdom and power to know what you need. I am here to support you in accessing strength, resources, direction, self-love. Your wisdom is within – and always has been. The healing work we do together will bring you back in relationship with your own powerful inner guide and strengthen your ability to trust it. In order to help activate that wisdom, I offer:

  • Brainspotting – Watch the video to the right to learn more
  • Reiki energy healing – a transmission of energy for balance and healing – Master/Teacher (contact Christa if interested in Reiki classes)
  • Earth-based techniques
  • Spiritual nutrition – the energetic aid of foods
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Life Purpose
  • Meditation
  • Family history exploration
  • Compassionate listening
  • Energy Codes Levels I and II
  • Mind – Body – Spirit integration
  • Advanced trauma techniques
  • Office-based and in-nature sessions (*)
  • Distance sessions (including Reiki) available

A typical session will last 1.5 hours. Schedule (**) your session here.

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Payment options:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit
  • Pay Pal

In addition, your Health Savings Account funds may apply. Check with your provider to find out! Payment at $80/hour is due at time of service.

Session Length

(*) For some, being in nature provides easier access to one’s inner guide and gentle support during healing. Here are some possible locations for sacred nature-based sessions in our area. Each provides walking trails in addition to green spaces to sit.

(**) 24 hour cancellation required or $80.00 payment charged for services committed to (emergencies and inclement weather do not apply)