Reiki, in Japanese, means Life Force Energy.


Reiki, life force energy, is in all things. It is compatible with all faith and belief structures.


  • Is a healing art form that clears, transforms and strengthens the body’s life force so that greater health on all levels can be attained and maintained.
  • Works with the Chakra system of the human, animal and plant/environment.
  • Is a subtle, soft energy transmission through the hands of the practitioner.
  • Clears and transforms energies in the body’s energetic fields including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers.
  • Is a meditative, relaxing experience on a massage table, fully clothed.
  • Activates an environment where deep healing can take place.
  • Typically lasts 60-90 minutes for a session.
  • Has been accepted as a healing art across the world for thousands of years.


Are you interested in learning Reiki to assist yourself, friends, family, animals, plants or our environment?

Reiki Training:

Each level of Reiki training includes an attunement process.  This is where the Reiki Master/Teacher “passes on”, awakens more strongly within the student, the life force energy.

There are 4 levels of Reiki training (they must be taken in numerical order)

Level I – Focuses mostly on the physical layer. Practitioners at this level can use Reiki on themselves family, pets.

Level II – Focuses on the emotional layer. Practitioners at this level can use Reiki professionally.

Level III – Focuses on the spiritual layer. Includes all Reiki symbols, but does not include the Master/Teacher training.

Level IV – Is for those who are interested in teaching Reiki.

Reiki Master means Reiki Teacher

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