The Energy Codes are a set of practices and principles to guide us in living and experiencing life as our soul-filled self, wrapped in human form. They transform a state of fear, confusion, overwhelm, un-health, lack of purpose and unfulfilling relationships into love, clarity, inner calm, improved well-being, fulfillment in life purpose and relationships.

The practices bring us back to embodiment of the great personal powers within such as: soul and life purpose, faith, hope, trust, intuition, wisdom and our individual personal gifts and power.

The Energy Codes are built alongside quantum and standard science principles as well as leading-edge thought and ancient wisdoms interwoven to create a deep and comprehensive approach to remembering our wholeness.


  • Everything is energy. Everything!
  • Transformation comes from embodiment of our energy/power.
  • True power is Love.
  • Everything we need is within us. We hold the universe within us.
  • Our stories are created from fear.
  • To interrupt fear, we connect back to our self as the soul.
  • Introduce the mind to the body so our entire system works together.
  • We have always had the innate ability to heal ourselves.
  • The subconscious nervous system houses the blocks that hold us back. It also houses the profound ability to heal ourselves.
  • We heal. We free ourselves.
  • We can shift from feeling powerless to strongly stepping into the co-creatorship of our lives.
  • The Chakras, our energetic system, corresponds with our expansion.
  • Embodiment, integration of our entire energetic system with our physical, emotional and mental systems, creates the life experience we dream of.


  • Using our Breath: Breath is Spirit in physical form. We use our breath to stay connected within, with our truth, guidance and unique talents and purpose.  This builds circuits.
  • Building Circuits: Circuits are physical as well as non-tangible pathways in our body and energetic field. We come into this life with a limited number of circuits. As we experience and grow in life, we require additional circuits – if we are to remain centered, grounded, and strong within ourselves. As we continue to build these pathways, through specific breath work and movement as well as shifts in thought, we are more and more able to NOT be knocked off our center. We maintain inner peace in the discomfort!
  • The Teachings: The Energy Codes offers a life perspective/understanding that gradually adjusts the prescription of our life lens. Our perception, and therefore our interpretation, clarifies to one of empowerment and ease.

We create the world we live in and experience and quantum science show us that we were born to co-create from the place of embodied sacredness: that which WE ALL ARE.

Please check our group offerings for scheduled workshops using the book, “The Energy Codes”.