By Christa Chantelois, Healing Facilitator, BSN, MAC

“The Universe is saying: Allow me to flow through you unrestricted, and you will see the greatest magic you have ever seen.” —Klaus Joehle

Merging of the mind with the body; this is a crucial key in the awakening process! Our mind has been trained to believe that it is on its own and has to manage and fix everything alone. Assisting the mind to meet the rest of the powerful system that the body truly is creates an exponential shift in how life is experienced. This shift, potentially a quantum flip, is done by taking the mind on an elevator ride down to meet the rest of the body’s resources. The chakra system, 7 main energy centers (but 12 in total), are like a fluorescent tube of rainbow light on its side, running in the body. Embodiment involves integrating the mind with these centers thereby turning them on as fully as possible. This is how wholeness occurs. Every part fully functioning and working together.

Another aspect of embodiment is bringing light/higher energy to the denser areas. Imagine beginning each day by breathing up and down this entire system of the body. Coming back inside while doing this, with the goal of feeling this experience, is integration and coming back home to you. Central channel breathing, a fundamental practice of “The Energy Codes” by Dr. Sue Morter, is a profound technique that assists in boundless reconnecting to self. The simplified version of it begins with inhaling from below the feet, up both legs meeting at the tailbone, into the core, and up into the heart. Holding the breath here briefly, bring everything back to love. Then exhale up through the throat space, third eye (between the eyebrows) and out through the top of the head, up 8 feet. Reverse this process now and end back down into Mother Earth, at least two feet below your feet. Repeat for a total of three times, every morning and evening. Using this upon waking up and as a bedtime routine will aid in more restful sleep, connecting with true self at the beginning of each day, dissolving of stuck/heavier energies, and building internal capacity for creating and experiencing a fulfilled, peaceful life.

Other techniques that support the embodiment process are: yoga, meditation, and other Energy Codes breathwork.

Remember, everything is energy! Neither good nor bad. Dr. Sue Morter describes humanity as “…underneath the tangible, physical form of our body, we humans are pure, intelligent, conscious energy – as is everything else in the universe.” This includes thoughts, emotions and mind. Coming back to this knowing, living from the inside and accessing the highest, true nature of being an embodied soul, is what awakening is all about. Remembering that wholeness and worthiness have always been there inside. They are ready to be brought back to the light/woken up more fully! Coming from this space within of being wakes up the power to create the desired life, life experiences and relationships dreamed of!

Are you ready to dedicate the time and presence to awaken, for you? For this world?

Published in Nature’s Pathways, May 2019