By Christa Chantelois, Healing Facilitator

“B.E.S.T. works to maximize the healing potential of your body’s natural systemic intelligence. When your body systems are in balance, vibrant energy returns and your body can begin the process of healing itself and returning to ideal, natural health.” ~ Dr. T. Morter

Can you think of someone who always seems to struggle with stress, exhaustion, pain, chronic illness or just continuously feels blocked in reaching their highest potential? Perhaps that’s you? Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique is a hands-on health care approach that balances your own body’s innate healing abilities so that your highest possible health, on all levels, can return. An imbalanced system means some parts are overworking due to other systems being incapacitated. This is when physical, mental and emotional conditions are created.

Quantum Science teaches us that like attracts like. For example, a positive belief, along with the embodied vibration of that belief, will draw in more of the same. When this is applied to thoughts, beliefs, emotions, memories and experiences, which are naturally stored in the human nervous system, it points to an urgent necessity to assist this highly intelligent system in returning to and maintaining optimum healing and creative abilities. The human body has the inherent ability to heal itself. Why then, is there widespread disease, pain and dysfunction on so many levels?

Dr. M.T. Morter, Jr., founder of B.E.S.T., teaches us that “the reason ‘nothing can be found’ in many patients who suffer severe afflictions is that only the physical and chemical aspects of the body are being considered…” Negative thoughts, emotions and memories negate a balanced system and instead create a constant state of internal chaos and defense. A persistent negative/lower vibrational pattern holds the body in a state of un-health, recycling the symptoms/ailments/emotional conditions. Sufficient amounts of available positive/higher vibrational energy is inaccessible when illness is present. A B.E.S.T. treatment assists the body in accessing the energy needed for healing.

When the subconscious mind is caught in a thought and emotional loop of fight, flight or freeze, exhaustion and illness are inevitable. Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, M.D. discovered that less energy assists the body when dysfunction exists, meaning that “a dysfunctional body does not effectively use the energy available to it.” In this stuck pattern, an overproduction of chemicals manifests in each of us as a wide variety of conditions. Each condition requires its own series and combination of B.E.S.T. treatments for optimal re-balancing to occur. B.E.S.T. brings the body, on all levels, back into harmony by updating the nervous system.

The client’s body guides the B.E.S.T. practitioner in what treatment and sequence of contact points are to be held for homeostasis to return.Balancing of the body’s vibrational pulse to again match that of Mother Earth is how stored information in the brain is updated. Holding of the contact points re-calibrates the signals being sent between the muscular, sensory and enteric nervous systems. The body’s energy is now more optimally accessible for healing. The body heals itself!

B.E.S.T. has innumerable potential benefits such as: bringing the mind to stillness, greater ease in changing habits, opening and unblocking subconscious interference, and maximum healing capacity of the body, emotional release, and muscle relaxation for spinal column self-alignment.

“This is an exact science, well documented and scientifically validated. This technology releases the stored patterns which are responsible for our diseased state primarily due to fatigue and exhaustion. When these patterns persist, chronic pain and disease are a given.”

Dr. Sue Morter, of The Morter Institute, sums it up best: B.E.S.T. unpacks the blocks that “keep the soul from shining!”

Published in Nature’s Pathways, March 2019