By Christa Chantelois, Healing Facilitator, BSN, MAC

“The Energy Codes, The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life” by Dr. Sue Morter was published by Simon and Schuster, Inc. in March of 2019.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D, New York Times bestselling author of “My Stroke of Insight,” wrote the forward for the book because she believes Dr. Sue Morter has a rare understanding of the relationship between neuroscience and spirituality. Testimonials of the book and Dr. Sue’s work are by internationally known experts in the fields of spirituality, highest personal potential, self-growth and life visioning: Jack Canfield, Neale Diamond Walsh, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Marci Shimoff. The book, at the time of this writing, is already being translated into 10 other languages. It made the LA Times Bestseller list within a month of its release. The information, guidance and tools in this book are clearly appealing to humanity worldwide.

This book serves as a guide to access deep healing and profound truth of self by combining “quantum psychics, neurobiology and energy healing,” cutting edge perspectives and practices, along with ancient beliefs, and practical daily practices. By awakening “sleeping” neurocircuitry in your body, unknown potential, health and inner peace come forward. The Energy Codes book is nondenominational but is spiritual. It can be used to assist in healing in rehab, health, taps more creative problem solving, brings clarity, a deeper understanding of self, eases depression/anxiety/suffering, and recharges the body’s systems from the inside out, to name just a few.

Quantum science has proven that everything is energy, all things are just variances of vibration/denseness of energy. We are energy. As we raise our energy, we heal our lives. Through easy tools such as specific breathwork, yoga, nutrition, meditation and introducing our mind to our deeper power while we are present/connected with our divine self, transformation happens.

Chapter by chapter, Dr. Sue walks you through how to come back home to your “Soulful Self.” She shares her personal experiences, explains each technique step by step, and brings the energy of love, tenderness, passion and complete acceptance of everything we have and are experiencing. Part 1 focuses on how to flip from fear to creativity and wholeness. Part 2 takes you through the 7 energy codes — a system that guides you how to come back to balance and true brilliance. Part 3 teaches how to integrate the energy codes into daily life.

Dr. Sue Morter writes in her book, “From the results I’ve seen, you could be a whole new version of yourself — healthier, happier, more empowered… if you apply what you learn! I invite you to truly embrace this work — and I promise that you’ll be grateful you did.”

Published in Nature’s Pathways, July 2019