By Christa Chantelois BSN, MAC

There is transformation going on that is picking up speed!  A variety of spiritual schools of thought, and now science as well, have been using a range of methods to make the shift from living in the brain to residing in the heart.  These methods include meditation, yoga, breath work, nutrition, movement, connecting with   the Earth, and our Higher Self; to name a few.  Much of our modern society, however, approximately 2000 years ago, left the realm of the heart and had given credence and value only to the brain.  Looking for answers, guidance and connection here has proven to be incomplete.  We are now being called to come back to the wisdom and guidance of our hearts.  Cause for celebration!

The power of the heart is stunning! “The Institute of HeartMath was the first in the world to discover that the heart produces the largest energy field coming from the human body.”  It has two torus shaped energy fields/vibrations, one inside the other.  This magnetic field has been found to measure around 8-10 feet in diameter and is “believed to be generated by the Sacred Space of the Heart.”  Our heart holds wisdom, memories, dreams, love and intuition.  Experiences of love, self-compassion, acceptance, joy and forgiveness raise our vibrational field.  This effects how we experience our life and it also affects others around us.

According to numerous Mystics, Masters, Saints and Spiritual leaders coming back to our ‘original language’, the language of the heart, requires us to connect with Mother Earth, Sky, our Higher Self and Great Spirit/God.  Without this our heart space will feel untouchable.  It is a profound re-connection on many levels!

Daniel Mitel discovered The Heart Imagery method: a) Get in a comfortable position with your eyes closed, b) Take 3 breaths in and out, imagining all your troubles … floating away, c) Imagine your body is a house, with your brain being the attic.  Travel down flights of stairs to your heart space.  You will find a door there.  Go through it and close the door behind you, d) See, sense, feel the love and power coming from your heart, e) be with this, connect, listen.  Listening takes you to a place of knowing, closeness; to self and others.

Sonia Choquette, author of Traveling at the Speed of Love, says that even though we are all traveling through life together we each get to choose our own way and speed of traveling.  She strongly encourages us to choose traveling at the speed of love. She also emphasizes that love lifts everything above the vibration of fear.

Quick Check list to see if you are in Love more or Fear more:

Tuned Out

Reiki, meaning life force, is another helpful ancient energy technique that supports the journey to your heart.  Our body has an energetic/spiritual system with energy centers, chakras, which are connected to various multi-dimensional functions.  In regard to coming back home to our hearts, the fourth and sixth chakras are key centers.  The fourth chakra is the heart chakra; unconditional love.  The sixth chakra is the third eye, our intuition. Dunvalo Melchizedek lovingly reminds us that “learning to go back into the heart isn’t just a spiritual matter … we have forgotten what it is like to be free, to fly!”I wish each of you an amazing journey of coming back home to your heart.  Be free!  Fly!  Celebrate!

Published in Nature’s Pathways, March 2018