The Energy Codes are empowering breath-work and perspectives which transform emotional struggle into life experienced as our fullest human potential. Practicing these codes shifts:

fear, anxiety, emotional stress, confusion, overwhelm,
un-health, lack of purpose and unfulfilling relationships


love, clarity, inner calm, improved well-being, fulfillment in life purpose and relationships

The practices bring us back to embodiment of the great personal powers within which include soul and life purpose, faith, hope, trust, intuition, wisdom and our individual personal gifts and talents.

The Energy Codes are built alongside quantum and standard scientific principles as well as leading-edge thought and ancient wisdom.


  • Using our Breath: Breath is Spirit in physical form. We use our breath to stay connected within, with our truth, guidance and unique talents and purpose.  This builds circuits.
  • Building Circuits: Circuits are physical as well as non-tangible pathways in our body and energetic field. As we experience and grow in life, we require additional circuits if we are to remain centered, grounded, and strong within ourselves. As we continue to build these pathways through specific breath-work and movement as well as shifts in thought, we are more and more able to NOT be knocked off our center.
  • The Teachings: The Energy Codes offer a life perspective/understanding that gradually adjusts the prescription of our life lens. Our perception, and therefore our interpretation, clarifies to one of empowerment and ease.

A series of sessions based on The Energy Codes is a collaboration between you and Christa which incorporates those practices which appear most relevant to you during each session.

Energy Codes | Wisdom Within Healing Neenah, WI

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