By Christa Chantelois, Healing Facilitator, BSN, MAC

The Energy Codes, created by Dr. Sue Morter, is a set of principles and practices that can assist us, every minute of every day, to experience life as our soul and life purpose, faith, hope, trust, intuition, love, wisdom, and accessing true power to create our own life.

The Energy Codes offers a paradigm shift by providing a transformative understanding of existence and awakens us to a new way of being. Its foundational belief is the fact that everything is made of energy — everything. Learning how to live from the inside out, going within to our energetic system to find the directions and answers, holds the power to profoundly transform our relationships with ourselves and others. This is done through very specific breathwork and movement. Wouldn’t it be extraordinary to know the depth of our goodness and potential? The Energy Codes brings us back home to that!

The premises of The Energy Codes:

  • Everything is energy.
  • We can shift from feeling powerless to being an effective architect of our lives.
  • To alleviate our pain, we create stories to try to explain the unknown.
  • Our stories are created from fear.
  • To interrupt fear, lovingly connect with our Essential Self.
  • Everything we need is within us.
  • Introduce the mind to the body. This teaches the mind that it doesn’t have to manage everything alone. It can work with the love, universal wisdom and all the other sources of power inside us.
  • True power is love.
  • The subconscious nervous system houses the blocks that hold us back and also houses the incredible ability to heal ourselves.
  • We heal. We free ourselves.
  • The chakras, energetic system of the body, corresponds with the expansion of our consciousness.
  • Embodiment of our essential self creates the life experiences we envision.

Life skills taught in The Energy Codes:

  • Using our breath. Breath is energy. We use our breath to stay connected within, with our truth, guidance and unique purpose. This builds circuits.
  • Building circuits. Circuits are physical as well as intangible pathways in our body and energetic system. We come into this life with a limited number of circuits in place. As we experience and grow in life, we require more circuits in order to stay centered, strong within ourselves. As we continue to build these pathways, through breathwork and movement, we are more and more able to not be knocked off our center. “Finding peace in the discomfort.”
  • The teachings. The Energy Codes offer a life perspective/understanding that gradually adjusts the prescription of our life lens. Our perception and interpretation clarifies to one of empowerment and ease.

Science has now irrevocably confirmed that our beliefs, thoughts and feelings determine our level of health, and how we perceive and experience life. Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings even hold precedence over our genetic makeup when it comes to how our health is expressed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! This means we create the world we live in and quantum science shows us that we were born to co-create; co-create with the divine essence, inside us, that we all truly are. This means that we have the stewardship of determining our state of health on all levels. Our vibrational level regulates everything, from our interpretations, understandings, health challenges/or not, all aspects of experiencing our life.

The universe is inviting us to gently step in with curiosity and willingness. The time is now!

Published in Nature’s Pathways, April 2019