By Christa Chantelois, Healing Facilitator

We, as the collective human race, have an incredible opportunity to create together a new world; a new way of experiencing and being in life! Imagine joining hands and hearts to create a loving existence; by shifting our awareness and level of conscious-knowing. Yes, it begins within! Bruce Lipton, PhD emphatically states that “we now understand that healing the world comes from the inside out. Everything we do individually to become more coherent and compassionate will reverberate ….” By now, you might be asking, “So what is this Gift within?” It is the truth that we are made of God/Spirit/Source-stuff; the same pure light and love that everything originates from. We are called to fully experience this human journey by coming to an inner knowing and experience of who we truly are; a divine re-membering you might say. To re-member requires us to create a new relationship with duality, polarity, opposites.

Our very own bodies have 50 trillion cells! We begin here by, first, transforming old, programmed beliefs inside us that created all the widespread right versus wrong thinking. Then we expand this paradigm shift to include our local communities, State, nation and world. The focus is for a harmonious and balanced state of being rather than divisiveness. Richard Rohr encourages us to use prayer. He explains prayer to be any exploration on the inside that takes us to a place of “faith, hope, and love within yourself.” He goes on to point out that if we strive to see with our tiered levels of sight which are thought, meditation and true understanding we will then connect to wisdom rather than creating an “us-and-them” dynamic. How grand it could be if oppositions, good-bad, and dark-light transformed into collaboration and a new perspective of participating in and experiencing life!

According to many scholars of world religions we are told that the breath might just be the closest way of replicating the sound of saying the name, God. This supports the many ways breath work is included in the myriad of connecting-back-home-to-self techniques, such as: yoga, meditation, physical activity, grounding exercises, chakra work, blowing kisses, mindfulness and on and on. It’s time we use our inhalations and exhalations for more than just the act of breathing! Dr. Sue Morter teaches, in The Energy Codes, a technique called Central Channel breathing. It is a powerful yet practical skill to let go of blocks (dualities) and come to a more harmonious state of being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (You can find her demonstrating this technique on YouTube). In order for breath to become sacred, powerful it must include presence. Richard Rohr defines presence as wisdom. Presence also requires being aware in the moment; in your body, thoughts, emotions, heart, and around you. R. Rohr goes on to say that once we have cultivated sufficient presence, we are then able to grow/learn/evolve from everything, even difficulties. This profound inner transformation involves willingness on our part; willingness to open oneself and do the personal metamorphic work. This then disempowers the pervasive dualistic dynamic and transmutes our relationship with self, others and our world into “heaven on earth.”

John Lennon so very wisely sang, “Imagine.” “… a brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people sharing all the world …” Let’s go forward with this as our new sight, living and loving from our truth, the Gift Within. Imagine honoring that mystery in each of us, as well as all plants and animals. What a world and life we could and CAN have!

Mohandas Gandhi says it well, “Be the change you want to see in the world!”

Published in Nature’s Pathways, July 2018